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these are happening now… yes

these are happening now… yes

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This collection of custom-blended wax and scents draws inspiration from the natural world and destinations abroad.

Hand-poured candles, diffusers and room sprays are packaged in branded wooden crates and vintage-inspired kraft boxes.

Designed by Restoration Hardware 


I think the type could have been handled better (not the biggest fan of centered text without decoration), but beautiful packaging and product, nonetheless.  



Check out this redesign for Imokilly Cheese.

::thumbs up::

“I used hand rendered type, textured greaseproof paper and a limited colour palette to deliver a high-end feel to the artisan product, but retained a light heartedness with the tone of voice on the content, and the new tagline “All The Way From East Cork”. To encourage reusability, the back of the box is perforated and contains recipes which can be put on your fridge or in a recipe folder. The wine recommendations, recipes and cheeseboard flags are all ways of making eating this cheese an experience, rather than a banality. “

Designed by Fatti Burke  

Saw this and thought of Bex with the cheese reference haha! Lovely piece of packaging too. Nothing too over the top just a interesting colour way.


Henry Wilson
Henry Wilson is an internationally respected young Australian Product Designer, with an ever-increasing profile in Europe, Australia, the UK and US. His practice is built around his belief that design should respond to a real need, an ethos we were keen to reflect in…

Just found this old picture from a late night printing/comping session from last fall!!  I miss having complete freedom on projects.  Now I have to do what the client wants me to do :/

Just found this old picture from a late night printing/comping session from last fall!!  I miss having complete freedom on projects.  Now I have to do what the client wants me to do :/

Lega-lega is a bunch of creative, imaginative, interesting notebooks, planners, t-shirts and people (designers) who try to make your everyday easier, more fun and cheerful.

Lega-lega made a collaboration with designers and launched a designer box as a way to present Croatian design in a new way. We invited our favorite designers to join us in this adventure and make their own special D.BOX which consists of a t-shirt, notebook and coasters. The first two limited edition of D.BOX were designed by most known Croatian street artist Lunar and a worldwide recognized design duo Šesnić&Turković.”

Lega-lega is a MIT design studio brand.

Designed by Marco Störmer

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this is perfect… everything about this just perfect <3

Brand Launch Kit for Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum dramatizing the “darker side of Captain Morgan”.

"We designed the kit to feel like a contemporary version of a Captain’s chest. With a modern take on black woodgrain and old world type, it also extends the graphic language developed for the label. We created the brand book to evoke the Henry Morgan legend and share tasting notes and recipes through black and white photography, woodcut illustrations and vintage type – all with an authoritative, confident persona and smart language. To educate and empower people to experience everything that Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum had to offer and drive home the point that this rum can replace other brown spirits, we included a flask, whiskey stones and bottle of bitters.

Coordinating our in-house work along with our strategic partners was a huge part of this project. Our industry-expert copywriter used our concept as a guide while writing the brand book content. We worked with an amazing prop stylist and art directed a shoot with one of the best photographers in the spirits genre. We designed and sourced the brand book, box and promotional items from Vermont, Minnesota and China. Managing our printing and fulfillment partner was crucial in the final steps toward bringing the Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum launch kit to life.”

Brand Launch Kit designed by The O Group

Bottle Designed by Landor


“tyler” by mr.h.


“tyler” by mr.h.

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