Lega-lega is a bunch of creative, imaginative, interesting notebooks, planners, t-shirts and people (designers) who try to make your everyday easier, more fun and cheerful.

Lega-lega made a collaboration with designers and launched a designer box as a way to present Croatian design in a new way. We invited our favorite designers to join us in this adventure and make their own special D.BOX which consists of a t-shirt, notebook and coasters. The first two limited edition of D.BOX were designed by most known Croatian street artist Lunar and a worldwide recognized design duo Šesnić&Turković.”

Lega-lega is a MIT design studio brand.

Designed by Marco Störmer

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this is perfect… everything about this just perfect <3

Brand Launch Kit for Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum dramatizing the “darker side of Captain Morgan”.

"We designed the kit to feel like a contemporary version of a Captain’s chest. With a modern take on black woodgrain and old world type, it also extends the graphic language developed for the label. We created the brand book to evoke the Henry Morgan legend and share tasting notes and recipes through black and white photography, woodcut illustrations and vintage type – all with an authoritative, confident persona and smart language. To educate and empower people to experience everything that Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum had to offer and drive home the point that this rum can replace other brown spirits, we included a flask, whiskey stones and bottle of bitters.

Coordinating our in-house work along with our strategic partners was a huge part of this project. Our industry-expert copywriter used our concept as a guide while writing the brand book content. We worked with an amazing prop stylist and art directed a shoot with one of the best photographers in the spirits genre. We designed and sourced the brand book, box and promotional items from Vermont, Minnesota and China. Managing our printing and fulfillment partner was crucial in the final steps toward bringing the Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum launch kit to life.”

Brand Launch Kit designed by The O Group

Bottle Designed by Landor

bored making patterns and shit and shit

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"Hudson Made is an online retailer selling highly curated artisanal products from the Hudson Valley, North Country and Brooklyn. Small batches. Limited quantities. 100% American made. 

We were thrilled to design and develop this new project. Identity, micro-site (full commerce site to launch in Summer 2012) and the packaging for the Fancy Black Soap. The emphasis on the design is rooted in the history of the region and utility of the products the brand represents.

Typography balances modernity with heritage and incorporates digitized 19th century wood fonts.

Packaging is 2 colors, incorporates offset printing, letterpress and rubber stamp. All locally produced and sourced.”

Designed by Hovard Design


Simple, but tremendously effective typographic design

Irving & Co have designed the first range of skincare products created by Rapha, the leading cycling clothing and accessories brand. The range launched in the Autumn of 2010 and continues to grow.


yeah! Black on black with a bright accent color looks super sexy.  I think this line is hot as hell, however – I must admit (for the first few glances) – I had no idea what they were marketing.  Just looks clean and sexy.

While no single aspect of food and the associated can epitomise the new food culture, EAT ME takes out a slice of modern life where food has been taken as the medium to promote social interactions and ginger up our every day. In addition to the highly competitive realm of food packaging design, the book also features a symphony of recent art creations, social events, identity projects, restaurant designs, culinary implements and products inspired by food. The substantial showcase is complemented by fascinating insights in their forewords and case studies given by experts, entrepreneurs and practitioners, each distinct with regards to their experience in product, packaging, image-making, branding and spatial design.”

Designed by viction:ary

"Anett Hajdu’s Accessoires Collection Concept: In the chaos caused by contemporary and eclectic fashion trends, it is a pleasant feeling to turn toward to the style of puritanism what inspired by the nature and people costumes who are living with the nature. People and their everyday objects, animals and the atmosphere around the Arctic Circle provided a starting point for this design collection."

"Every single bag contains a unique individuality in hidden leather-jewels that helps us to perform as a part of the pure nature. These bags reveals the hidden animal from us.

All the bags are made of cow leather. The packaging concept fits for the main design theory. The casing remind us for the meat industrial wrappings, the hunter accessories as well as a little skandinavian sense.”

Designed by Miklos Kiss, a Budapest based designer.

<3 The banners and text decoration <3


Black Goat Coffee by Espresso Republic.

"Legend has it that forty assistants were needed to properly serve Turkish coffee to the sultans of the Ottoman Empire. Luckily for you, Espresso Republic is here to do all the hard work."

"We have carefully selected a single origin of fair trade organic coffee beans, freshly roasted, ground to perfection, and blended with an exceptional mix of cardamom spice; a cup of our Black Goat™ will assure you a sultan treatment. Enjoy…"

Designed by Salih Kucukaga.

Saw this on the die line a long while ago and absolutely love it!


Inspired by Boardwalk Empire, The prohibition and the city of Hammonton it self, 1 Trick Pony sent created a Booze package, wrapped in a 6 page “newspaper” that they have created. More after the jump! 

"The Alcoholidays is our agency’s yearly holiday promotion where we creatively package booze and send it out to our clients. We’re located in Hammonton, NJ, which is the home of the author of HBO Boardwalk Empire. Several of our clients mentioned seeing a sign for "Hammonton" in different episodes, so we thought it’s be great to do a prohibition inspired them to this year’s mailing. We purchased a variety of bottles of booze ($4200 in total) and created a 6-page period newspaper that wrapped each of the bottles." 

Designed by One Trick Pony , Hammonton, NJ 

“San Churro’s Real Chocolate is a product range developed in reaction to a chocolate market flooded with inferior ‘confectionary’ chocolate.” We love the oversized numbers in pastel over craft paper. 

In the words of San Churro – “When it comes to chocolate, the truth is that there’s no substitute for REAL cocoa butter. It’s like ketchup without tomatoes, or an omelette without eggs – it’s the key, essential ingredient. Chocolate without it simply is not chocolate, but rather a sub-standard B-grade pretender: all show, no substance.”

The design response was to create something artisan, hand crafted and most importantly, REAL to reflect the product itself. The result being a range of products each with its own individual type execution and colour-way printed on 100% recycled card. A flexible solution to cater for any range expansion in the future.”

Designed by  Studio Alto, Australi

"The Hot Dang is a vegetarian burger patty made from grains, nuts and oats. The package utilizes stock white boxes with printed wrap around labels. The goal was to take a fresh, more fun, approach to an all-natural product. Bright colors and graphic typography were used to attract attention while casual copy adds personality and tells the story behind the name, "Hot Dang"."

Designed by Make & Matter

A fictitious packaging line that I made for a packaging design class sophomore year of college.  Man, there is so much I would change about the typography now that I’m looking back… how I’ve grown as a designer!  

Regardless, this is still one of my favorite projects from university for the sole reason that I got to name my brand Rosenkrantz & Guildenstern.  

I think I’ll revisit this project over the next couple of weeks and correct a lot of typography! 

 John & John Potato Crisps

Lining them all up together creates such a bold graphic statement. The one thing that stands out is #6. I’m not sure why they chose to use color on the vegetable illustration while all of the other’s stuck the black lineart. 

Designed by Peter Schmidt Group